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Julie Wernert
University Information Technology Services

Last modified: Tuesday, March 15, 2011

IU regional IT departments join University Information Technology Services

March 15, 2011

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- In a realignment that makes the vision of "One IU-IT" a reality, Indiana University's regional IT departments have become part of University Information Technology Services (UITS). Envisioned in the 2009 IT Strategic Plan, Empowering People, the transitioning of regional campuses and the IUPU Columbus Center into the UITS organization will create a seamless, university-wide IT services organization.

The regional campuses and IUPU Columbus Center will become full participants in the development and implementation of the university's IT strategies and services, resulting in additional opportunities for IT staff, expanded and improved services for students and faculty, and the ability to benefit from the total leveraged IT resources of the university.

As part of this realignment, current staff and resources will report to a Regional CIO who is a member of the Office of the Vice President for IT (OVPIT). Beth Van Gordon, current CIO at IU Northwest and IU Kokomo, will also become CIO at IU South Bend; Tom Sawyer, currently the CIO at IU Southeast, will also serve as CIO for IU East and the IUPU Columbus Center.

Beth Van Gordon

Beth Van Gordon

Print-Quality Photo

CIOs Van Gordon and Sawyer have joined the OVPIT cabinet, further ensuring that the interests of the regional campuses and IUPU Columbus Center will be a part of the ongoing IT strategy at IU. The Regional CIOs will work together to deliver consistent and coordinated university-wide services, while maintaining the distinctive campus experiences of the regional campuses and center.

The regional campuses and IUPU Columbus Center have already begun the transition process, which will be finalized on July 2, 2011. Areas that will benefit include infrastructure, facilities, and services that parallel those provided by UITS on the Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses.

Some examples are campus-level research technologies, IT training and education, teaching consultants in the centers for teaching and learning, student technology centers and consultants, classroom technology services, user support, telephone operations, systems development, data network, and media production and video services.