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Ron Johnson
IU Student Media

Last modified: Monday, April 4, 2011

IU student publications sweep this year's national awards

April 4, 2011

Editors: A complete list of all IU student winners is at the end of this release.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana University's student newspaper, magazine and yearbook have surpassed all other university publications in this year's collegiate media competitions.

IU publications won four Gold Crowns and one Silver Crown from Columbia Scholastic Press Association at the Spring National College Media Convention on March 21 in New York City.

Winning gold were the Indiana Daily Student newspaper (for both fall 2009 and spring 2010), and Inside magazine. Winning silver was the 2010 Arbutus yearbook.

This year, 1,434 collegiate publications were eligible for CSPA Crown Awards. Publications and their sites were judged on writing, editing, design, content, concept, photojournalism, illustrations and graphics. Winning gold were six magazines, four newspapers, three online newspapers and four yearbooks.

The CSPA honors come after IU Student Media took home more awards than any other university at the Fall National College Media Convention. From Associated Collegiate Press, the newspaper and its site each won Pacemaker Awards, and IU student journalists won four national first places among 14 individual awards.

Editors-in-chief of the publications were:

  • Natalie Avon, Evansville, Ind., Fall 2009 IDS
  • Brad Zehr, Fort Wayne, Ind., Spring 2010 IDS
  • CJ Lotz, St. Louis, 2009-10 Inside magazine
  • Katherine Myrick, Muncie, Ind., 2010 Arbutus yearbook

Also from CSPA, IU student journalists have won 71 Gold Circle awards -- including 26 first places -- in individual competitions for work between June 2009 and June 2010.

IU's Gold Circle winners:


Design: feature, black and white

  • David Corso, Adrienne Kaplan and Katie Myrick, first place, "Jimmy's addiction"

Design: academic spread one spread: black and white

  • David Corso, Ben Fearnow and Katie Myrick, first place, "Dean re-pete"

Sports reporting

  • Stephanie Kuzydym, second place, "Challenging year"
  • Greg Rosenstein, certificate of merit, "Kicking the bucket"

Photo: sports action, black and white

  • James Brosher, second place, "Rebound"

Design: cover

  • Second place, Staff

Photo: feature, black and white

  • Alex Farris, third place, "Tailgate"

Feature writing: student life

  • Sara Amato, certificate of merit, "Remembering Won-Joon Yoon"

Design: title page

  • Katie Myrick, certificate of merit

Photo, sports feature, black and white

  • Yossi May, certificate of merit, "Cyclist"

Photo: feature, color

  • Peter Stevenson, certificate of merit, "Snoop Dogg"

Design: portfolio

  • Katie Myrick, certificate of merit, "Portfolio"


Design; magazine interactive graphic

  • Bethany Stayer, first place, "Zombies"

Opinion: on-campus issues

  • Zach Ammerman, first place, "Don't like what you're seeing? Change it"
  • Rachel Stark, second place, "Students share secrets on bathroom walls"

Design: news

  • Staff, first place


  • Adam Lukach, second place, "Weekend Watchers: 'Mad Men'"

First-person experience

  • Sean Morrison, second place, "Facing their wall"

Commentary: sports

  • Sean Morrison, second place, "What do you think of the Cutters now?"

Sports feature

  • Stephanie Kuzydym, second place, "Soccer goalkeeper provides team's communication backbone"
  • Sean Morisson, third place, "High jumper learns to fly"
  • Nathan Hart, certificate of merit, "I would walk 500 miles"

Personality profile

  • Caitlin Johnston, second place, "Terry LaBolt"
  • Caitlin Johnston, third place, Steak 'n Shake waitress"

Feature: general

  • Natalie Avon, second place, "Prisoners of our own devices"
  • CJ Lotz, certificate of merit, "Honest work"


  • Staff, third place, "Homecoming"
  • Ryan Dorgan, certificate of merit, "Limestone country"

Sports news

  • Nathan Hart, third place, "Cutters 4-peat"

Entertainment reviews

  • Kelsey Finn, third place, "Big Boi"

Breaking news

  • Sarah Hutchins, certificate of merit, "Student found dead in North Tower"

Secondary coverage

  • Caitlin Johnston, certificate of merit, "Willoughby 'someone a lot of people looked up to'"

Opinion: Off-campus issues

  • Zach Ammerman, certificate of merit, "Harassment's price"

NEWSPAPER: Indiana Daily Student

Personal opinion: On-campus issues

  • Rachel Stark, first place, "Writing on the stall"

Feature: first-person experience

  • Kelly Cochran, first place, "Far too common"

Feature: general

  • Natalie Avon, first place, "Feels like home"

Art: illustration/computer-generated, two or more colors

  • Evan Mannweiler, first place, "Jack of asses"
  • Evan Mannweiler, third place, "They're here"

Informational graphics: designed or art headline

  • Larry Buchanan, first place, "Fabulous Indiana"

Design: op-ed or news analysis, broadsheet, black and white

  • Christa Kumming and Adam McFetridge, first place, "Report card"
  • Adam McFetridge and Danielle Rindler, second place, "No. 28"

Design: feature page, broadsheet, color

  • Caroline Krozel, first place, "Big blind"
  • Jamie Barrar, second place, "Spoken word"
  • Matt Callahan, certificate of merit, "App-ology"
  • Christa Kumming, certificate of merit, "Pride"

Design, sports, broadsheet, color

  • Becca Westall, first place, "Reloading"

Design: advertising, single ad, black and white

  • Denice Kinney, first place, "Unique"

Design: advertising, page, black and white

  • Jon Kinne and Will Taylor, first place, "Pop"

Design: single-subject news or feature package; two pages, double-truck or special section; broadsheet; color

  • Staff, first place, "Little 500 Guide"
  • Staff, certificate of merit, "Homecoming"

News writing

  • Biz Carson and Brad Zehr, second place, "Nobel Prize"

Cartoon: comic

  • Adam McFetridge, second place, "Vending machine"

Cartoon: portfolio of work

  • Adam McFetridge, second place, "Portfolio"

Photo: single sports, color

  • James Brosher, second place, "Virginia dominates"

Design: overall, broadsheet

  • Staff, second place

Design: Page One, portfolio

  • Biz Carson, second place

Design: single-subject news or feature package, single page, broadsheet, color

  • Staff, second place, "Nobel Prize"

Commentary: general or humor

  • Nick Jacobs, third place, "Praise Google"

Typography: Overall newspaper

  • Staff, third place, "Love issue"

Design: Page One, broadsheet, color

  • Biz Carson, third place, "Big bucks"
  • Biz Carson, certificate of merit, "Love"

Art/illustration: portfolio

  • Evan Mannweiler, certificate of merit, "Portfolio"

Photo: single feature, black and white

  • Ryan Dorgan, certificate of merit, "Jazz benefit"

MAGAZINE: Inside magazine

Design: general-interest, overall

  • Larry Buchanan, first place

Design: cover, black and white plus spot color

  • Larry Buchanan, first place

Design: cover, two or more colors

  • Larry Buchanan, first place

Photo: single that complements accompanying copy

  • Zach Hetrick, first place, "Conductor"
  • David Corso, second place, "Freshmen in dorm"

Photo: portfolio

  • Zach Hetrick, first place

Design: single page, general interest

  • Larry Buchanan, first place, "DJ"
  • Larry Buchanan, second place, "Conductor" I

Design: single spread, special or general interest

  • Larry Buchanan, first place, "Devices"

Design, multi-page, special or general interest

  • Larry Buchanan, first place, "Honest work"

Design: portfolio, special or general interest

  • Larry Buchanan, first place


  • Sean Morrison, second place, "Facing their wall"

Non-fiction: interview

  • CJ Lotz, second place, "Steps in her way"

Typography: designed or art headline

  • Larry Buchanan, second place, "Devices"

Typography: General use

  • Larry Buchanan, first place, "Music"
  • Larry Buchanan, second place, "Movement"

Illustration: single, rendering photographic material, color

  • Zach Hetrick, certificate of merit, "Movement cover"