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Carol Rogers

George Vlahakis

Last modified: Wednesday, December 19, 2001


Population expert available to comment on new census data

EDITORS: The U.S. Bureau of the Census is expected to release official state population estimates on Friday, Dec. 28. Indiana University's Indiana Business Research Center serves as the state's liaison to the Census Bureau, and its associate director will be available to answer questions from reporters. The center also will provide analytical information on its Web site.

Carol O. Rogers, associate director of IBRC, welcomes calls from reporters. She can be reached at her home in Indianapolis at 317-926-0216 or by e-mail at She also can be reached at her office until this Friday (Dec. 21) at 317-274-2205.

The IBRC Web site at will provide charts on how Indiana compares with other states and its long-term growth patterns. This also is an excellent ongoing resource of information on population trends in Indiana.