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Susan Williams
University Communications

Last modified: Thursday, April 21, 2011

Distinguished teaching awards presented at Indiana University

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- "A university cannot render distinguished service to its constituency without a distinguished faculty; therefore, the selection of faculty personnel is of first importance," legendary IU President Herman B Wells told trustees in 1942 when he spoke of his vision for the university and his aim to attract the best and brightest faculty members to Indiana.

Herman B Wells bench

Herman B Wells statue at IU Bloomington

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Since its founding 191 years ago this spring, Indiana University has remained instensely focused on its enduring mission: to provide its students with a great education. The unviersity honored some of its dedicated educators at the 2011 Celebration of Distinguished Teaching dinner on April 8.

"Indiana University's Founders Day observances offer us an important opportunity to recognize the powerful impact that our faculty have on their students," said IU President Michael A. McRobbie. "Through dedication to their students, superior scholarship and creative activity, these outstanding faculty members have made IU one of the world's leading centers of teaching and learning. For their tireless efforts on behalf of IU, they are deserving of our grateful recognition and highest praise."

Eight IU Bloomington faculty members and two doctoral students were recognized for outstanding teaching, research and service to the university.

2011 Distinguished Teaching Award Winners:

Geoffrey C. Fox, Distinguished Professor
Michael J. Larsen, Distinguished Professor
Curtis M. Lively, Distinguished Professor
William R. Thompson, Distinguished Professor
David H. Weaver, Distinguished Professor
Heidi A. Ross, President's Award for Teaching
Jill Kirsten Robinson, President's Award for Teaching
John Henry Hanson, John W. Ryan Award for Distinguished Contributions to International Programs and Studies
Emily A. Bowman, Lieber Memorial Teaching Associate Award
Michael T. Mosier, Lieber Memorial Teaching Associate Award