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Larry MacIntyre
Director, IU Media Relations

Last modified: Monday, January 24, 2005

IU introduces new Web site dedicated to life science research

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NOTE: This story is one of several to be published this week in celebration of IU Life Sciences Week (Jan. 22-28).

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana University today (Jan. 24) introduced a new Web site, "Creating a state for life," showcasing life sciences research in celebration of Life Sciences Week (Jan. 22-28). The site can be found at

Indiana University's Life Sciences Web site is a gateway into the latest research and discoveries about human diseases such as cancer and diabetes, as well as advances in the fields of genetics, proteomics, neurosciences, medical informatics and bioimaging. Through this Web site, visitors can read patient stories or learn more about how the life sciences are changing the state's economy through job and business creation.

Linda Malkas, for example, a professor at the IU School of Medicine and the Vera Bradley Chair in Oncology, is highlighted along with her research. Her work is aimed at developing a simple blood test to detect cancer before symptoms appear. Another story features Tina Nichols, a Richmond, Ind., resident whose epilepsy is being controlled with a new medical implant. Still another focuses on Thomas Kaufman, a distinguished professor in the IU Bloomington Department of Biology, who has the science world abuzz with his fruit fly research and its insights into human diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

The new Web site also provides links with information targeted to various audiences -- students, prospective patients and potential business partners. The "Assets" section of the site is a comprehensive list of the resources that IU brings to the statewide life sciences initiative. The "Prospective Students" section of the Web site is a complete list of IU degree programs for students interested in life sciences careers.

Scientists, physicians, IT researchers, business faculty and many others within the IU community are working across academic boundaries to advance our knowledge and understanding of life sciences. Their efforts extend from basic research in the laboratory to applied research that directly benefits patients. In collaboration with business and industry, IU faculty are helping to make the benefits of this research available to improve the lives of all Hoosiers.