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IU celebrates 84 Hoosiers eligible for 2011 graduation

May 18, 2011

Indiana University Athletics celebrated it Class of 2011 on Saturday, May 7, at its annual open house in the Henke Hall of Championships.

Matt Roth

Photo by Peter Stevenson

Matt Roth

IU Athletics celebrated 84 Hoosiers who were eligible for graduation (including May and August) with a memento to each senior, a presentation and refreshments.

Indiana Intercollegiate Athletics Class of 2011 (Eligible for graduation in May and August):

T.C. Knipp, Baseball
Brian Lambert, Baseball
Jerrud Sabourin, Baseball
Wes Wilson, Baseball
Lena Grote, Field Hockey
Alex Mann, Field Hockey
Jaclyn Milici, Field Hockey
Brenna Moeljadi, Field Hockey
Katie Griswold, Field Hockey
Aaron Burks, Football
Adrian Burks, Football
Zach Davis-Walker, Football
Matt Ernest, Football
Michell Evans, Football
Chris Hagerup, Football
Andrew McDonald, Football
Deonte Mack, Football
Michael Stark, Football
Eric Thomas, Football
Terrance Thomas, Football
Guy-Marc Michel, Men's Basketball
Jeremiah Rivers, Men's Basketball
Matt Roth, Men's Basketball
Ben Bellville, Men's Golf
Ren Han, Men's Golf
Cameron Jordan, Men's Soccer
Daniel Kelly, Men's Soccer
Bryan Chovanec, Men's Swimming and Diving
Illya Larin, Men's Swimming and Diving
Tyler Lemert, Men's Swimming and Diving
David Piercy, Men's Swimming and Diving
Doug Spraul, Men's Swimming and Diving
Lachlan Ferguson, Men's Tennis
Santiago Gruter, Men's Tennis
Paul Haas, Men's Track and Field
Thomas Smith, Men's Track and Field
Rachel Anderson, Rowing
Ellie Benson, Rowing
Amanda Rogers, Rowing
Cassie Gogreve, Softball
Morgan Melloh, Softball
Kelsey Stander, Softball
Jori Davis, Women's Basketball
Hope Elam, Women's Basketball
Whitney Lindsay, Women's Basketball
Andrea McGuirt, Women's Basketball
Lauren Giesecke, Women's Golf
Cecillia Orevik, Women's Golf
Leigh Cummings, Women's Soccer
Lauren Hollandsworth, Women's Soccer
Margo McAuley, Women's Soccer
Chloe McKay, Women's Soccer
Jocelyn Moses, Women's Soccer
Whitley Wynns, Women's Soccer
Brittney Feldman, Women's Swimming and Diving
Amy Harriman, Women's Swimming and Diving
Ashley Jones, Women's Swimming and Diving
Christina Kouklakis, Women's Swimming and Diving
Ashley Kranz, Women's Swimming and Diving
Heidi Mahnken, Women's Swimming and Diving
Charlotte Martin, Women's Tennis
Myriam Sopel, Women's Tennis
Katya Zapadalova, Women's Tennis
Ashley Baker, Women's Track and Field
Stephanie Chin, Women's Track and Field
Lindsey Hartman, Women's Track and Field
Laura Morris, Women's Track and Field
Sarah Pease, Women's Track and Field
Faith Sherrill, Women's Track and Field
Martyna Popik, Volleyball
Taylor Wittmer, Volleyball
Katie Black, Water Polo
Kara Butler, Water Polo
Kelsey Campbell, Water Polo
Mary Dunn, Water Polo
Nicole Redder, Water Polo
Jenna Roe, Water Polo
Lauren Wyckoff, Water Polo
Nick Avery, Wrestling
Eric Cameron, Wrestling
Nathan Everhart, Wrestling
Kurt Kinser, Wrestling
Alex Warren, Wrestling
Paul Young, Wrestling