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Mathers Museum, Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology merger yields cultural history powerhouse

August 2011

The merger of the Mathers Museum of World Cultures and the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology, two of Indiana University's cultural institutions, brings together millions of archaeological, anthropological and historical materials.

Sarita Soni, Indiana University associate vice president for research and vice provost for research at IU Bloomington, recently announced the merger of the institutions, both of which are supported by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research at IU Bloomington.

Glenn Black Lab and Mathers Museum Merger

Timothy Baumann, curator of archaeology collections, and Katie Rudolph, IU Bloomington graduate student in anthropology, review artifacts in preparation for the new archaeology exhibit opening Sept. 25 at the newly merged Mathers Museum of World Cultures/Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology.

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"During their independent histories, the Glenn A. Black Laboratory and the Mathers Museum have cooperated often, pursuing curation, outreach, research and training with diligence and distinction," Soni said. "I'm confident that bringing together these units will enable the new organization to raise the level of excellence they strive for every day and advance their shared missions for many years to come."

During the transitional period, the institution will be named the Mathers Museum of World Cultures/Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology. Geoffrey W. Conrad, professor of anthropology and director of the Mathers Museum, will guide the newly merged institution.

"The Mathers Museum and the Glenn A. Black Lab developed outstanding strengths in their own areas during nearly 50 years of independent existence," Conrad said. "By joining the two institutions, Indiana University now has the chance to create one of the country's pre-eminent centers for the preservation, study and display of the world's cultural heritage, at every level from the local to the universal. I'm particularly pleased that Indiana University students will be involved in every aspect of this work."

Founded in 1963, the Mathers Museum has more than 30,000 artifacts from around the world, with renowned collections of African and Native American cultures, Indiana history, Latin American cultures, and musical instruments. The Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology, founded in 1965 to promote study, preservation and education regarding the state of Indiana's rich archaeological heritage, holds nearly 12,000 archaeological collections, representing millions of artifacts from Indiana and the Midwest. Together, the merged collections, programs and research activities will make the institution one of the top three university museums of world cultures and archaeology in the nation.

On Aug. 9, the newly reorganized institution offered a free K-12 teacher workshop to introduce local educators to the resources and opportunities now available to support curriculum and classroom studies.

On Sunday, Sept. 25, the facility's renovated archaeology exhibit hall will be re-opened. The new exhibit will highlight archaeology in Indiana and the Midwest as well as introduce visitors to archaeological techniques and processes with hands-on activities. Timothy Baumann, curator of archaeology collections at the museum, will be the keynote speaker for the public opening.

About the Mathers Museum of World Cultures/Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology

The Mathers Museum of World Cultures/Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology is supported in part by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research at Indiana University Bloomington. OVPR is dedicated to supporting ongoing faculty research and creative activity, developing new multidisciplinary initiatives, and maximizing the potential of faculty to accomplish path-breaking work.

The Mathers Museum/Glenn A. Black Laboratory is located at 416 N. Indiana Ave. Admission to the museum exhibit halls, as well as the museum store, is free to the public. The exhibit halls and museum store are open Tuesdays through Fridays, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays, from 1-4:30 p.m. Free visitor parking is available by the museum's Indiana Avenue lobby entrance, and metered parking is available at the McCalla School parking lot on the corner of Ninth Street and Indiana Avenue. The parking lot also has spaces designated for Indiana University "C" stickers. During the weekends free parking is available on the surrounding streets.

For more information, contact or call 812-855-6873.