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IU Northwest's annual 'South Shore Journal' available online

The South Shore Journal, Northwest Indiana's open access peer reviewed online journal, has recently been published and is now available for review online.

Rochelle Brock

Photo by Chris Sheid

Rochelle Brock

Co-sponsored by the Northwest Indiana Quality of Life Council and the Indiana University Northwest Center for Urban and Regional Excellence, the journal provides a venue for area scholars to publish their locally relevant research.

The current theme for this year's journal is "Our City, Our World: Urban Spaces in the 21st Century," which was selected by the publication's current editor, Rochelle Brock, associate professor at the IU Northwest School of Education and executive director of the Urban Teacher Education Program.

The scholarly and creative work published in the journal represents a broad range of academic disciplines. The topics are inspired by the Quality of Life Council's regional quality indicator, whose factors include: a diverse community where residents are treated with equity and dignity; an economically thriving region of opportunity and in balance with its environment; a region that facilitates learning and intellectual growth; a safe and healthy community; an accessible region of open neighborhoods; a region that appreciates the arts and celebrates life; and a community of engaged and caring citizens.

The current issue (Volume Four) contains works from the following IU Northwest faculty and students:

Scholarly Works

"The Impact of Nutrition Program Service Cuts on a Senior Population in Northwest Indiana"
Samuel S. Flint, associate professor, School of Public and Environmental Affairs; Fred L. Buckley, SPEA graduate student; Erica Fizer, SPEA graduate student

"Cellphones in the Classroom?"
Regina Jones, assistant professor, Department of Minority Studies

"Legos Go To College"
Dana Dodson, assistant professor, School of Education

"Marktown: Clayton Mark's Planned Worker Community in Northwest Indiana"
Stephanie Smith, professor, Department of Psychology

Creative Works

"This is Marktown, IN"
Ashley Jimenez, undergraduate student, fine arts major with a concentration in photography and ceramics

"Cabrini Green"
Jennifer Greenburg, assistant professor, Department of Fine Arts

Book Reviews

Rochelle Brock associate professor, School of Education, and executive director, Urban Teacher Education Program

"STEP: Subversive Teacher Education Program"
Alex Williams, graduate student, Urban Teacher Education Program

"Book Review: I Won't Learn From You"
Alison Peda, graduate student, Urban Teacher Education Program

"Reflection: I Won't Learn From You"
Olivia Forbes, graduate student, Urban Teacher Education Program

"Bored to Tears"
Eric Clayton, graduate student, Urban Teacher Education Program

Each issue of The South Shore Journal is a symposium-style publication with a specific theme selected by the editorial board. The theme for the Fall 2012 issue is "The Realm of Public Memory." The deadline submission is January 16, 2012. For submission questions, please contact the 2012 issue editor, Christopher J. Young at (219) 980-6563 or

For more information, visit