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John Hageman
IU Office of Sustainability

Last modified: Wednesday, November 9, 2011

IU Athletics takes part in EPA Game Day Challenge

Nov. 9, 2011

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- The IU-Northwestern game on Oct. 29 marked the second consecutive year Indiana University competed against nearly 90 other universities and colleges as part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Game Day Challenge to promote waste reduction and sustainability at collegiate football games.

Greening Cream & Crimson

Indiana competed in three of the five award categories: waste generation, diversion rate and recycling. This participation was part of the Greening Cream and Crimson initiative, an ongoing effort within the Department of Athletics to promote sustainable policies and decrease its environmental impact.

More than 60 students signed up to volunteer, demonstrating their dedication to sustainability and IU's ongoing effort to become a leader among universities in the field of sustainability and care and respect for the natural environment.

"Hoosier fans and volunteers have demonstrated once again that sustainability is not a spectator sport -- everyone can play the game and everybody wins," said Bill Brown, director of sustainability at IU Bloomington. "Congratulations to IU Athletics for their continuing leadership in campus sustainability and their success in the EPA Game Day Challenge."

Senior Associate Athletics Director Chris Reynolds added, "IU Athletics is devoted to developing and implementing sustainable policies, as exemplified by our involvement in the EPA Game Day Challenge. We intend to build upon this success in order to reach our goal of becoming the greenest athletics department in the Big Ten."

During the challenge, IU Athletics collected nearly 9,000 pounds of recyclable items, a substantial increase from previous games this season. Winners of the challenge will be posted on the EPA's Game Day Challenge website in November after all universities submit their results.

"Greening Cream and Crimson is growing in scope and continues to make a noticeable impact within IU Athletics and the campus at large," said John Hageman, IU Office of Sustainability intern and coordinator of Greening Cream and Crimson. "Without the help of students and facility managers within IU Athletics, our participation in the EPA Game Day Challenge could not have been possible. It's uplifting to see support from both the administration and student body."

For more information about IU Athletics' path to become more sustainable, contact John Hageman at or visit the Greening Cream and Crimson website. To learn more about the IU Office of Sustainability, visit