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Last modified: Thursday, January 17, 2002

Grants awarded to IU faculty to assess technology in education

The Indiana University Office of the Vice President for Information Technology and the IU Office of Distributed Education today (Jan. 17) announced the winners of the first round of funding for the newly created Technology Assessment Grant program. Fourteen applicants were awarded funding to support projects aimed at assessing the impact of educational technology on teaching and learning.

A total of $68,667 will be distributed to faculty on IU campuses to help fund projects that will assess student learning using new software and technology devices, the Internet and online learning tools.

The purpose of the Technology Assessment Grant program, created in 2001, is to encourage faculty to study the impact of educational technology on their practices and on student, course or program outcomes.

The following faculty and projects received TAG awards:

* Subir Bandyopadhyay, associate professor of marketing, IU Northwest, "Virtual Immersion: Using Information Technology to Simul-teach in Multiple Countries."

* Ken Barger, professor of anthropology, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, "Impacts of Oncourse Discussion Forums on Critical Thinking."

* Simon Brassell, professor of geological sciences, IU Bloomington, "Assessment of Innovative, Interactive Learning in Introductory Oceanography."

* Cathy Carlson, Linda Meyer, Susan Modlin, Nursing, and Robert Sedlmeyer, Computer Science, Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne, "A Software Tool to Record and Analyze the Clinical Experiences of Nursing."

* Harry Gradman, professor of linguistics and chair of the Center for English Language Training, IU Bloomington, "Computer-Based Speech Training in English as a Second Language."

* Barbara Hawkins, professor of recreation and park administration and Director of the Center on Aging and Aged, IU Bloomington, "The Effectiveness of Online Educational Technologies in Gerontology Education."

* Henry Merrill and Frank DiSilvestro, associate professors of adult education, IUPUI and IU Bloomington, "Assessing and Improving Online Learning Using Data from Practice."

* Subbiah Sivam, professor of pharmacology and toxicology, IU Northwest, "Computer-Simulated Pharmacology Lab for Medical Students: Animal Experiments Without Animals."

* Faridah Pawan, visiting assistant professor of language education, IU Bloomington, "Collaborative Learning in Online Discussions."

* Gary Pinkston, professor of educational technology, IU Southeast, "Improving Assessment Through the Application of Rubric and PDA Technology."

* Craig Ross, associate professor of recreation and park administration, IU Bloomington, "Shining a Flashlight on Teaching and Learning with Technology."

* Helen J. Schwartz, professor of English, IUPUI, "Online Support for Completing Incompletes."

* Robert Vernon, associate professor of social work, IUPUI, "Online Textbooks in Social Work: A Preliminary Investigation."

* Jeff Vessely, Rafael Bhamonde, Alan Mikesly, Eileen Udry and Mark Urtel (Physical Education), IUPUI, "Online Quizzing and Its Effect on Student Learning and Engagement."

To learn more about the TAG program, visit