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Daily IU news update

NOTE: The IU Daily News Brief is a short review of media coverage relating to IU administrative and student news, federal and state legislative policy, and trends and issues in higher education. Prepared by the Office of Media Relations, the IU Daily News Brief is not an all-inclusive gathering of news featuring IU faculty and staff, although there may be occasional exceptions. You will receive the brief every day there is news of interest. Please forward it to those in your office who should receive a copy. At the bottom of each IU Daily News Brief are instructions on how to sign up or opt out of receiving this e-mail and also information on another media report, IU in the News, a sampling of IU media stories.

Mystery may be solved soon; 5 YEARS LATER: The lead investigator in the disappearance of IU student Jill Behrman says he has 2 new suspects
Behrman case focusing on two suspects; Detective awaiting results of DNA testing
Indianapolis Star, Bloomington Herald-Times, June 3 -- Few clues were left when Jill Behrman vanished while riding her bicycle near Bloomington. Now, five years after the Indiana University student went missing, the chief investigator in the case says he's close to solving one of Central Indiana's most perplexing mysteries. He's looking at two men, but did not name them. He has DNA samples from both and is awaiting test returns.

For Indiana graduates, it's far from lonely at the top
Indianapolis Star, June 3 -- Many Indiana high schools stretch valedictorian and salutatorian honors to a half-dozen or more students. Critics say the watered-down tribute to top graduates undermines its meaning and is bad practice for the real world, where breaks aren't easy to come by. Key quote: "When are our kids going to learn to be intellectually competitive if we're going to put that off until college?" said Jonathan Plucker, an educational psychologist who heads Indiana University's Center for Evaluation and Education Policy.

IU gets federal grant to study full-day kindergarten
WISH-TV, June 2 -- Indiana University has received an $800,000 federal grant to study the impact of full-day kindergarten on youngsters' academic achievement. IU researchers will spend three years comparing the academic development of students enrolled in full-day kindergarten with the performance of students in traditional half-day programs.

Governor: Stadium still will be built; Daniels says $48 million shortfall won't kill plan to keep Colts in city
Indianapolis Star, June 3 -- Arguing over whether the state or city will pay the Colts $48 million shouldn't hold up construction of a new stadium, Gov. Mitch Daniels said Thursday. What's unclear is how the payment will be made, since the state didn't include it in the stadium financing plan. City negotiators had agreed to pay the money to break the team's current contract.

Minority declines anger BCA chief; Keith urges black athletes to consider hiring practices in choosing a college
Indianapolis Star, June 3 -- Floyd Keith, the executive director of the Black Coaches Association and a former IU assistant football coach under Bill Mallory, Thursday called on black high school athletes and their parents to consider enrolling at schools with more inclusive hiring procedures in their athletic departments following the release of a report critical of those practices.

Rehnquist is known as creature of habit
Los Angeles Times, June 2 -- William Rehnquist is a man of simple pleasures. He enjoys playing poker, a rare cheeseburger washed down with a beer, a good book, a movie. And he loves competition, from charades to tennis to trivia. According to IU law professor Joe Hoffmann, Rehnquist dresses like an absent-minded professor and rarely is recognized when he ventures out. Key quote: "If you saw him on the street, you'd expect him to be the kind of a guy coming out of a bowling alley or a corner pub, not one of the most powerful people in America," Hoffmann said.,1,1580056.story?coll=sns-ap-scotus-headlines

Becoming Orgasmic -- A chat with the director of the Kinsey Institute
Science Blog, June 3 -- As part of its "Brilliant Peoples" series, Science Blog commissioned author and journalist Luke Ford to interview Dr. Julia R. Heiman, author of Becoming Orgasmic: A Sexual and Personal Growth Program for Women and the sixth director of The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction at Indiana University, Bloomington. Below is a link to a transcript of their wide-ranging discussion, which touches on subjects from the sexuality of Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon characters to why we still don't understand rape.

Research on undergraduate research
Inside Higher Ed, June 2 -- Amid the plentiful and highfalutin rhetoric about the educational value of involving undergraduates in research, sound evidence that proves that value is harder to find. But researchers at the University of Michigan have produced a series of quantitative studies suggesting that involving undergraduates in research early in their college careers makes them more likely to stay in college, get their degrees, and go on to graduate school.

The decline of affirmative action
Inside Higher Ed, June 2 -- Starting around 1995, the percentage of colleges that considered students' minority status in admissions decisions fell dramatically -- so dramatically that it appears to have gone beyond those states where court rulings or constitutional amendments barred the use of racial preferences.

Hackers break into UI book store computer
Iowa City Press-Citizen, June 1 -- A University of Iowa Book Store computer containing credit card numbers and student and employee ID numbers was hacked into last month, the university said in a statement. The computer was "improperly accessed from outside the UI network" on May 18. The university detected the breach later in the day. The computer may have contained up to 30,000 active credit card numbers, UI said. The statement notes that no other UI departments that accept credit cards and/or ID charges are affected.

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