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Kelley School of Business

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Last modified: Monday, August 29, 2005

IU's Kelley School appoints Davidson as its point person for life sciences and health care companies

Lawrence Davidson

EDITORS: Links to several of Lawrence Davidson's recent research reports on Indiana's health care and life science industries are included as hyperlinks below. Contact Anne Auer at 812-855-6998 or if you have difficulty accessing the reports.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Lawrence S. Davidson, an economist who led Indiana University efforts to create a better climate for global trade by Hoosier companies in the 1990s, has been appointed by the Kelley School of Business as liaison to its Health Care and Life Sciences Initiative.

Davidson, professor of business economics and public policy and a member of the Kelley School faculty since 1976, previously served as director of the Indiana Center for Global Business and continues to track Indiana exports for the state.

The Kelley School already has many life sciences and health care efforts under way, including a brand management partnership with the Inproteo consortium and much faculty research and consulting. In his new role, Davidson will measure existing efforts and help create new ways for the school to be a valuable resource to companies in these fields.

"The initiative is all about understanding, measuring and then communicating what we have," Davidson said. "The more that life science and health care companies understand about Kelley's resources and expertise, the better we can help them."

John W. Hill, associate dean for research and operations and the Arthur M. Weimer Faculty Chair in the Kelley School, commented on Davidson's selection. "Larry is an excellent choice to be coordinator because he has a keen interest in this sector, where he has been an active researcher," Hill said. "Larry undertakes every assignment with a great deal of professionalism and enthusiasm. He is the right choice to lead this initiative."

Davidson will be traveling to meet with executives at life science and health care companies, to ascertain their special needs and develop improved ways for the Kelley School to keep in regular communication with them. He will be the school's point of contact for students seeking information on these companies and for companies who are interested in expanding their relationships with the school.

Donald F. Kuratko, the Jack M. Gill Chair of Entrepreneurship, professor of entrepreneurship and executive director of the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, will continue to work with start-up firms in the state.

The Kelley School admits more than 200 new students to its Master of Business Administration degree program, many of whom have previous experience working for health care and life sciences companies. Davidson said he and Kuratko will be looking for new ways to apply their knowledge from their work experiences and in the classroom to help these companies.

"The state feels strongly that life sciences and health care is an industry cluster that is part of the state's economic development program. This works perfectly with that, and we have to grow together," Davidson said. "These graduates are not going to stay in Indiana if there is no industry. The more the industry grows and creates the opportunities, the better this all works."

Davidson also has been a keen observer of the state's economy as part of the Kelley School's Business Outlook Panel for more than two decades. More recently, Davidson has studied Indiana manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and orthopedic and cardiovascular devices. He has bachelor of science and master of science degrees from the Georgia Institute of Technology, a master of arts degree from the University of Arizona and a doctorate from the University of North Carolina.

Companies interested in learning more can contact Davidson at 812-855-2773 or