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Last modified: Wednesday, March 20, 2013

President Obama picks IU to win NCAA title

March 20, 2013

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- The state of Hoosier Nation is strong, according to President Barack Obama, who filled out his NCAA tournament bracket today and, to the delight of Hoosier fans everywhere, picked IU as his national champion.

Barack Obama

George Vlahakis

Barack Obama visited Bloomington during his first campaign for president in 2008.

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"I think it's Indiana's year," the president told ESPN this morning.

Joining IU in Obama's Final Four were Florida, Louisville and Ohio State. Obama predicted that the No. 1-seeded Hoosiers would defeat Louisville in the championship game.

IU President Michael A. McRobbie responded to the president's vote of confidence on behalf of all of Hoosier Nation.

"We are delighted that someone as knowledgeable about college basketball as President Obama has shown the same type of confidence in IU's fortunes for the NCAA tournament that Hoosier Nation has had in the team all season," McRobbie said. "The resurgence of IU basketball has been exciting for our students, staff and alumni around the world, and I am looking forward to what we hope will be an extended NCAA tournament run."

This is the fifth consecutive year that Obama has filled out a bracket for the NCAA tournament. Hoosier fans are hoping for a return to the president's 2009 performance, when he correctly picked North Carolina to win the title.

Obama is familiar with the passion of Hoosier fans, having visited Bloomington twice during his first campaign for president in 2008. On one of those visits, he surprised those attending the Women's Little 500 bicycle race, where he greeted and shook hands with all of the participants. He also made a brief stop at Nick's on Kirkwood Avenue.

Obama's full bracket can be found on ESPN's website. The sports network also has a video of Obama filling out his bracket and writing in Indiana as his eventual national champion.