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Media Contacts

George Vlahakis

Last modified: Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Media Advisory

IU experts available to discuss Milosevic trial

NOTE: In response to the beginning of the historic war crimes trial of former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic, we are providing you with Indiana University faculty who are available to answer questions and offer insights on Milosevic, the Balkan region and its politics. Sources may be contacted directly. If you need further assistance, contact the IU Office of Communications and Marketing at 812-855-3911.

Charles Jelavich
Professor Emeritus of History
IU Bloomington
Office phone: 812-855-7581
Home phone: 812-332-7606

Jelavich is one of our nation's preeminent historians of the Balkan region. His books, The Establishment of the Balkan National States, 1804-1920 (written with his late wife Barbara Jelavich, University of Washington Press, 1977) and South Slav Nationalisms -- Textbooks and Yugoslav Union Before 1914 (Ohio State University Press, 1990), are standards in the field. Jelavich follows events in the region closely and can explain how the current situation developed and how it compares with previous periods of political upheaval in Serbia.

Jack Bielasiak
Professor of Political Science
IU Bloomington
Office phone: 812-855-5662
Home phone: 812-334-0175

An expert on elections in all of the former Communist countries of Eastern Europe, Bielasiak teaches courses on East European politics and political genocide and writes about electoral politics in the region. He can comment on the political situation and how it came about.

Maria Bucur
Assistant Professor of History
IU Bloomington
Office phone: 812-855-1993

Bucur teaches a course titled "Nationalism in the Balkans, 1804-1923: Path to Emancipation." She is a frequent visitor to Romania and the Balkans and a leading expert on the modern history of the region.

Bernd Fischer
Associate Professor of History
Indiana University/Purdue University Fort Wayne
Office phone: 219-481-6698
Home phone: 219-424-3252

Fischer teaches East European and Balkan history, with most of his research focusing on Albania. He has traveled to the region several times in the past two years, and he provided a great deal of media consultation during the NATO action in Kosovo. He is currently editing a volume on the history of East European dictators and can place Milosevic's reign in that context.

Frank McCloskey
Graduate student, Russian and East European Institute
IU Bloomington
Home phone: 812-334-1636

Frank McCloskey was the mayor of Bloomington from 1972-82 and served six terms in the U.S. Congress as the representative of Indiana's Eighth District (1983-95). He is an attorney at Mallor, Clendening, Grodner and Bohrer. Building on his great interest in and experience with the Balkan conflict that he developed during his years in Congress, McCloskey decided to pursue formal training in Balkan area studies and last fall enrolled as a master's degree student in IU's Russian and East European Institute, where he is studying the Serbo-Croatian language and Balkan history. McCloskey has visited the former Yugoslavia on many occasions and has served as a mediator in negotiations over territorial disputes in Bosnia.