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Last modified: Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Indiana University offers refuge to evacuees and 100 new students

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Preliminary reports from Indiana University campuses indicate that more than 100 students from Southern universities impacted by Hurricane Katrina have enrolled at the university.

Early next week, the IU Bloomington campus also expects to provide shelter for 120 to 130 people who have been evacuated from the disaster area. They will be coming in two groups and will be cared for at Ashton Center until they can be permanently housed in Bloomington.

"As I have said before, we are doing what we can to help all those affected by Katrina," said Kenneth R.R. Gros Louis, IU senior vice president for academic affairs and Bloomington chancellor. "Bloomington is happy to house families temporarily. We have the space, so of course we will help -- that is the IU way. Red Cross will be staffing the facilities and will be responsible for the families' well-being."

The IU Bloomington campus has admitted more than 80 students, including 19 students who previously had been at the Tulane University Law School and about 60 undergraduates. Data about graduate students is incomplete because their enrollment often is coordinated by individual schools and departments. Friday (Sept. 9) will be the last day for admissions, and students will need to submit an application by 4 p.m. on Thursday (Sept. 8).

The IU Bloomington campus has received more than 60 offers from IU alumni and others to provide temporary housing to families of IU students from the affected area. These gestures are much appreciated but appear to be no longer needed.

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis expects to admit 20 to 30 students and has identified institutional funds of $4,000 per student for up to 40 full-time students, which will cover tuition and fees and some funding for books. If people enroll part-time, IUPUI will provide proportional support. The campus has set a deadline of tomorrow (Sept. 8) for closing new enrollment.

IU South Bend has enrolled two undergraduate students, one in business and another in nursing. IU Southeast has admitted three undergraduate students. IU Northwest has been contacted by five students or their families, but none has yet enrolled.

No students affected by the hurricane have enrolled at IU Kokomo or IU East. IU campuses have agreed to waive application fees and late registration fees for these students, should they enroll.

The first group of evacuees being cared for by the American Red Cross is expected to arrive on Monday (Sept. 12). The state plan calls for the first arrivals from the Katrina area to go to Indianapolis, where 400 can be accommodated. When that number has been reached, the Red Cross will start assigning students to other cities, including Bloomington.

Current plans call for evacuees in Bloomington to be housed at Ashton until long-term housing needs are met. Student volunteers will deliver continental breakfasts to them each morning, and arrangements have been made for them to eat lunches and dinners at Read Center. Televisions and telephones will be available in the center's main lounge.

The American Red Cross will provide 24-hour staffing and security.

A special telephone number and Web site will continue to provide timely and useful information. Students and families may call 866-264-2491or go online to for up-to-date information about campus counseling and financial assistance services.

More information about providing general assistance to hurricane victims is available from the American Red Cross at their Web site at