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Bloomington Herald-Times

July 26, 2013

Salary data shows IU's top earner is Tom Crean

Tom Crean is still the highest paid employee at Indiana University, but the Indiana University men's basketball coach is the only person among the top 10 earners to not receive a raise to his base salary for fiscal year 2014, which began July 1, according to the new IU salary database numbers.

Crean has a base salary of $600,000, the same base salary he received last year. But that doesn't mean Crean might not get a raise in other areas.

In the athletic department, most coaches receive some form of additional compensation, whether its from reaching a goal or achieving something like winning the Big Ten tournament, said Mark Land, IU spokesman.

"When you get to some of those guys, the more useful database is the total compensation," he said.

IU released information on the total compensation in March, revealing that Crean made just under $2.5 million in total compensation for calendar year 2012.

The Indiana University Board of Trustees included an average salary increase for employees of about 2 percent in the $3.1 billion budget approved in June.

However, some people received larger or smaller raises depending on the employee, the area of the university they work in and any additional duties that were taken on, Land said.

"In most cases, I expect where people have gone up, they've taken on more duties," Land said.

Idalene Kesner, dean of the Kelley School of Business, was given a 15 percent raise when she took over the position full-time (she had previously been the interim dean) in May.

Likewise, MaryFrances McCourt, interim vice president and chief financial officer and treasurer of the university, saw her pay rise about 22 percent because of her additional interim duties.

"Her responsibilities have grown significantly, even though she's not in a permanent position," Land said.

In cases like Kesner's and McCourt's, the raises are not actual raises, but often a renegotiation of an employment agreement that reflects both the new duties and comparable pay for similar positions at other universities, Land said.

One of the largest increases in pay went to Seth Littrell, IU's offensive coordinator, whose pay rose 42 percent over last year. Littrell was hired as offensive coordinator in January 2012.

At IU, only the president and head coaches have contracts, Land said.

Most IU employees received a 2 percent raise, including top earners President Michael A. McRobbie, football coach Kevin Wilson and athletic director Fred Glass. Provost Lauren Robel received just under 3 percent.

Top 10 2013/2014 base salaries at Indiana University in Bloomington:

• 1. Tom Crean, men's basketball coach: $600,000

• 2. Michael McRobbie, president: $555,745

• 3. Kevin Wilson, football coach: $521,220

• 4. Fred Glass, athletic director: $449,026

• 5. Lauren Robel, provost: $387,600

• 6. Idalene Kesner, dean of the Kelley School of Business: $368,000

• 7. Seth Littrell, football offensive coordinator: $362,610

• 8. John Applegate, executive vice president for university academic affairs: $331,295

• 9. John Graham, dean of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs: $320,160

• 10. Robert B. Schnabel, dean of the School of Informatics: $313,162