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Mark Long
President and CEO, IURTC

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IU Director of Media Relations

Last modified: Monday, October 17, 2005

IU Research & Technology Corp. announces record number of inventions

INDIANAPOLIS -- Dramatic growth in life sciences research at Indiana University over the past few years is beginning to show significant results.

IU's Research & Technology Corp. in Indianapolis -- the IU center that specializes in speeding up the process of commercializing scientific discoveries -- this week achieved a remarkable milestone.

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Photo by: IURTC

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In just three months of fiscal year 2006, IURTC has disclosed more inventions than for all of fiscal year 2005.

Since July 1, IURTC has disclosed 128 inventions, compared to 127 for all of last year, reported IURTC President Mark Long.

Among the inventions disclosed were:

  • A nano-material to restore tooth enamel
  • A device to deliver bone grafts
  • A computational method for identifying disease proteins as drug targets
  • A biocompatible coating for artificial implants.

Patent applications are being submitted for some of these inventions, while others will be licensed to commercial ventures that will either market them or incorporate them into existing products.

"Many of these inventions will be licensed to Indiana-based companies, and that will translate into new jobs and growing businesses," Long said. "The success we are having is enabling IU to play a key role in advancing Indiana's long-term economic prospects."

The increased activity at IURTC is being made possible by IU's strong showing in obtaining grants for sponsored research. During fiscal 2005, IU's research faculty won $477 million in grants, an amount greater than the combined total for all other Indiana colleges and universities.

Nearly half of IU's grant dollars support life sciences research at the IU School of Medicine in Indianapolis and in the College of Arts and Sciences at IU Bloomington.

Since its inception in January 1997, the IU Research & Technology Corp. has reported a total of 331 inventions. IURTC has also created over 11 new start-up companies from IU technologies.

To speak with Mark Long, call 317-278-1901 or e-mail