Why young people don't vote -- or do they?

Voter Statistics While many college students lived and breathed the U.S. presidential election this fall, 25 political science majors at Indiana University had a unique perspective on the contest and their peers' engagement in the campaign. They have spent the fall semester learning about theories of voter turnout and social-science research tools -- and applying them to the 2008 election -- for a senior seminar called "Why Young People Don't Vote."  Full Story

It's a busy time for IU Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research

Cyber security

It has been an eventful year for Indiana University's Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research and its director, IU Law Professor Fred H. Cate. And 2009 promises to bring more of the same, with information security and privacy issues expected to move to the forefront of government policy and the demand for IU expertise likely to increase.

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Studying the archaeology of homelessness


Larry J. Zimmerman, an Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis professor of anthropology and museum studies at the School of Liberal Arts, and Jessica Welch, an IUPUI student and a formerly homeless woman, have completed a unique study of the material culture of the homeless. The researchers discovered that the problem of homelessness is broader and much more complex than previously thought.

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Health care reform: No revolution in sight

Bernice Pescosolido

A new study involving health care systems in 21 countries -- and the prospects for change in response to such common pressures as rising costs and aging populations -- casts doubt on the possibility of major overhauls of any of these systems because of the history and traditions that created them.

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Report: More women than men are earning college degrees in Indiana

Journalism Student

According to a report produced by the Indiana Business Research Center at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business, more women than men are earning college degrees, a result of the increased opportunities for women in recent decades.

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IU Center for Urban Policy and the Environment to study court reform


The Indiana University Center for Urban Policy and the Environment will work with the Indiana Supreme Court's Division of State Court Administration to study ways to make the state's system of trial courts more equitable and efficient. The Division plans to use the court system study to assess the viability of one of the many reforms called for in the extensive report issued last year by the Indiana Commission on Local Government Reform.

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Previous issue

Meretsky class

The Nov. 11, 2008, issue of Perspectives on Policy featured a story about an IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs course on climate change, in which U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service professionals take part from their offices and homes in eight Midwestern states. It also spotlighted an IU professor's book on volunteerism, energy and environment research at Indiana University, a study of the value of urban green space, IU Kokomo's accountability efforts, a Mayors Institute held at IUPUI and IU experts' forecasts for the Indiana economy in 2009.

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