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Indoor air quality is nothing to sneeze at

Pizza Clean indoor air might be the last thing college students think about as they negotiate classes, a social life and jobs. The EPA thinks about it a lot, however, and so do Kevin Slates and Larry Newton, director and assistant director of the Industrial Hygiene Lab at IU's School of Health Physical Education and Recreation. A little cleaning, say Slates and Newton, goes a long way toward improved indoor air quality and better health. Read on for more tips for reducing air pollutants in your home.  Full Story

 Olympians from China examine American-style student-athlete practices

Chinese Athletes

Chen Zhong and Zhu Dan know a little something about dedication, elite athletic performance . . . and pain. As Olympic champions in China, both endured a host of injuries during their highly successful athletic careers. As visiting scholars at IU, they can take a long -- and less painful -- view of athletic injuries, physical education and the important balance between athletics and academics. And getting away from the big city wasn't so bad, either. "Before I came to the U.S., I thought Beijing Sport University had a lot of trees," said Zhu Dan, silver medalist in rhythmic gymnastics. "Then I saw IU."

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 Television: Sitting too close will ruin your eyes?

Don't Cross Your Eyes

As students across the country prepare to put on their thinking caps and crank up their computers with the start of school, Active for Life brings you this excerpt from Don't Cross Your Eyes . . . They'll Get Stuck that Way! addressing the connection between sitting too closely to the TV or computer screen and vision. Authors and IU Doctors Aaron Carroll and Rachel Vreeman tell it like it is -- and let the myths fall where they may.

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 College students: Sexual health shouldn't be left to chance


IU sexual health researcher and author Debby Herbenick offers college students some practical advice for caring for their sexual health -- tips such as "Wait until you're ready," tests and topics to discuss with health care providers, and party tips including such practices as going to parties with a group of friends and then leaving with that same group, and keeping an eye on your drink even if it means taking it to the restroom.

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 Mobile devices, social media and traffic -- the vehicular kind -- are a bad mix

Pedestrian Safety

Crossing busy roads or driving through school and college campuses is no time for chatting on the phone or checking Facebook. Safety experts in IU's School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation urge drivers and pedestrians to turn off the phones and social media to reduce accidents and near misses.

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 School readiness: What teachers expect; what parents can do

Alarm Clock

Experts from the Early Childhood Center at the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community at IU provide tip sheets and advice for helping young children get off to a good start in kindergarten. Read on to learn about important skills parents can help their children develop as well as routines that make life easier for everyone.

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Virtual Exercise

The July 14, 2011 Active for Life includes research about weightloss in cyberspace, sexual and relationship happiness in long-term middle-aged couples, playground safety, common drugs that can impair cognitive abilitites, insights into what makes an international athletic powerhouse, and why deaf infants with cochlear implants need to learn to hear. Carol the Coach blogs about facing fears.

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