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IU Bloomington, IUPUI, Kelley School of Business recognized by U.S. News
IU discovers stone tools, rare animal bones -- clues to Caribbean's earliest inhabitants
Cast elected to head IU Board of Trustees
IU partners on new football game day traffic plan
IU national survey finds majority of Americans believe 'myths' about health care reform
Build-your-own comets, 3D Mars views offered by IU Astronomy at State Fair
IU Theatre and Drama to present collegiate premiere of rock musical 'The Rockae'
Scientists find a common link of bird flocks, breast milk and trust
IU Maurer School of Law launches Center on the Global Legal Profession
Speciation through genome duplication more common in plant evolution than previously thought
IU launches pilot project of online video-based IT training
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IU Bloomington, IUPUI, Kelley School of Business recognized by U.S. News -- Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) is being seen even more by U.S. News and World Report as a place to "keep an eye on." The national news magazine also continues to praise programs at IU's Bloomington campus with special recognition of the Kelley School of Business. For the eighth consecutive year, the magazine cited IU Bloomington and IUPUI for offering "academic programs that are commonly linked to student success." The Kelley School of Business again was recognized for offering one of the best experiences for undergraduate students, including those aiming to start their own companies. Read the complete story.

IU discovers stone tools, rare animal bones -- clues to Caribbean's earliest inhabitants -- A prehistoric water-filled cave in the Dominican Republic has become a "treasure trove" with the announcement by Indiana University archaeologists of the discovery of stone tools, a small primate skull in remarkable condition, and the claws, jawbone and other bones of several species of sloths. The discoveries extend by thousands of years the scope of investigations led Charles Beeker, director of Academic Diving and Underwater Science Programs at IU Bloomington's School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, and his interdisciplinary team of collaborators. The researchers' focus has been on the era a mere 500 years ago when the Old World and New World first met after Christopher Columbus stepped ashore in the Caribbean -- and on scintillating pirate lore. This rare find is expected to give insights into the earliest inhabitants of the Greater Antilles and the animals they encountered. Read the complete story.

Cast elected to head IU Board of Trustees -- William R. Cast, M.D., has been elected to a two-year term as president of the Indiana University Board of Trustees. Cast, a Fort Wayne physician and surgeon, succeeds Stephen L. Ferguson, who steps down after serving two consecutive two-year terms as president. The board elected officers for 2009-11 during its business meeting Aug. 14 at the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Campus Center. It elected Trustee Patrick A. Shoulders vice president, Robin Roy Gress secretary, Dorothy Frapwell assistant secretary, MaryFrances McCourt treasurer and Stewart T. Cobine assistant treasurer. Read the complete story.

IU partners on new football game day traffic plan -- Indiana University announced today (Aug. 13) that a new game day traffic plan will be implemented for the 2009 football season. The new plan is the product of a collaborative effort between Indiana University and several key partners. The new plan calls for a clockwise traffic pattern to take effect a minimum of two hours prior to kickoff. Law enforcement officials will turn Fee Lane, 17th Street and Dunn Street into one-way streets surrounding the stadium. The 45/46 Bypass will remain two-way. However, only eastbound traffic will be allowed to enter the game day traffic pattern. Westbound traffic will be restricted to through traffic. The post-game traffic plan will also focus on one-way traffic patterns to allow vehicles quicker access to highways and main thoroughfares. Dunn Street and Fee Lane will both be one-way northbound to the 45/46 Bypass. The 45/46 Bypass will be one-way westbound from Fee Lane to Walnut Street and one-way eastbound from Fee Lane to 17th Street. Read the complete story.

IU national survey finds majority of Americans believe 'myths' about health care reform -- Do Americans believe controversial assertions about health care reform including death panels, threats to Medicare, abortions, illegal immigrants and other claims which the White House administrators have labeled as untrue "myths?" Findings from a new national survey of Americans by researchers from Indiana University Center for Health Policy and Professionalism Research (CHPPR) and the Indiana University Center for Bioethics says that Americans do believe the "myths" about health care reform, confirming that the White House may indeed be losing this battle. Read the complete story.

Build-your-own comets, 3D Mars views offered by IU Astronomy at State Fair -- Running with the success of its promotion of the International Year of Astronomy and backed by funding from the Indiana Space Grant Consortium, Indiana University Bloomington's Department of Astronomy will bring its own quiz show, plenty of homemade comets and a 3D experience of Mars to the Indiana State Fair later this week. Located within the state fair's Grand Hall exhibition area as part of the elaborate and interactive "Indiana Space Travels" exhibit sponsored by the Indiana State Fair and the consortium, the hands-on, three-day special exhibit by IU College of Arts and Sciences' Department of Astronomy is all about audience participation, according to Professor Richard H. Durisen. Read the complete story.

IU Theatre and Drama to present collegiate premiere of rock musical 'The Rockae' -- To usher in the new 2009-2010 school year at Indiana University, the IU Department of Theatre and Drama will present the collegiate premiere of The Rockae, an edgy, rock musical adaptation of Euripides' The Bacchae. The show opens Thursday, Aug. 27, at 7:30 p.m., and will be directed at IU by Emmy Award-winning director/choreographer George Pinney with musical direction by Drama Desk-nominated writer Peter Mills, who wrote the music and lyrics for the show. In this '80s glam rock version of the classic story, the mortal King Pentheus takes on Dionysus and his female groupies -- rejecting Dionysus' claims to divinity -- when the god of wine and theater returns to Thebes. The show opens with a long-haired, shirtless male rocker singing "let them tremble to behold me" as if he's making an MTV video. Mills seamlessly combines the intensity of hard rock with the violence of ancient Greek tragedy. Read the complete story.

Scientists find a common link of bird flocks, breast milk and trust -- What do flocks of birds have in common with trust, monogamy, and even the release of breast milk? According to a new report in the journal Science, they are regulated by virtually identical neurochemicals in the brain, known as oxytocin in mammals and mesotocin in birds. Neurobiologists at Indiana University showed that if the actions of mesotocin are blocked in the brains of zebra finches, a highly social songbird, the birds shift their social preferences. They spend significantly less time with familiar individuals and more time with unfamiliar individuals. The birds also become less social, preferring to spend less time with a large group of same-sex birds and more time with a smaller group. Conversely, if birds are administered mesotocin instead of the blocker, the finches become more social and prefer familiar partners. Read the complete story.

IU Maurer School of Law launches Center on the Global Legal Profession -- Indiana University Maurer School of Law Dean Lauren Robel has announced the launch of the school's new Center on the Global Legal Profession. Based at IU Bloomington, the center will focus on the unprecedented challenges lawyers are facing around the world and develop research and training materials to assist current and future attorneys in their understanding of international legal systems. The center is directed by Professor William Henderson, who will work closely with fellow law professors Jayanth Krishnan and Ken Dau-Schmidt, and Ethan Michelson, an IU sociologist and the first social scientist to conduct rigorous empirical research on the Chinese legal profession. Read the complete story.

Speciation through genome duplication more common in plant evolution than previously thought -- Extra genomes appear, on average, to offer no benefit or disadvantage to plants, but still play a key role in the origin of new species, say scientists from Indiana University Bloomington and three other institutions in this week's Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Plant biologists have long suspected polyploidy -- the heritable acquisition of extra chromosome sets -- was a gateway to speciation. But the consensus was that polyploidy is a minor force, a mere anomaly that accounts for 3 or 4 percent of the world's flowers and ferns. Read the complete story.

IU launches pilot project of online video-based IT training -- Information technology is an essential tool to help people be more efficient and effective by enhancing teaching, learning, and research. IU is launching a four-month pilot to gauge interest in a wider range of elearning options that will help the IU community broaden its software skills. IU is partnering with Lynda.com, a leading provider of video-based elearning primarily focused on Adobe applications, multimedia, and web development. Lynda's training content complements other online training already offered at IU. Read the complete story.


Indiana University Bloomington Scoreboard

Results from Saturday, Aug. 15:
Women's Soccer: The Indiana women's soccer team got a goal in the 85th minutes from senior Natalie O'Bryan to help the Hoosiers earn a 1-1 tie against Valparaiso on Saturday at Armstrong Stadium in the team's only exhibition match before starting the regular season on Friday against Wright State. Read the match notes.

Results from Wednesday, Aug. 19:
Field Hockey: The Indiana field hockey team opened its preseason competition with a 3-0 win at Ball State. Read the match notes.

Schedule for Friday, Aug. 21:
Women's Soccer: Wright State, 7:30 p.m., Bloomington

Schedule for Saturday, Aug. 22:
Field Hockey: Louisville (scrimmage), 4 p.m., Louisville, Ky.


IU in the news

Obama on health care: 'We are not going to give up now'
USA Today, Aug. 20 -- Obama made it plain that he needs the help of the vast volunteer network that helped him win the White House. Winning the election "was just the beginning," he said, urging them to begin spreading the word about his health care plan to friends and neighbors. "We're going to have to cut through the noise and the misinformation," he said. "We are not going to give up now." Team Obama has plenty of convincing to do, judging by a new survey from Indiana University's Center for Health Policy and Professionalism Research -- a group that favors the president's health plan -- that our colleague Liz Szabo passes on. The survey shows that 6 in 10 Americans believe that overhauling health care is unaffordable for the nation. Half of those surveyed said they believe cuts will be made in Medicare services. The survey of 600 people nationwide was completed last weekend. Full story.

2009-10 Omnibus Lecture Series announced
Fort Wayne Daily News, Aug. 21 -- Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne's (IPFW) Omnibus Lecture Series, featuring nationally recognized speakers, celebrates its fifteenth season of offering free lectures to the public. This year's series features Marlee Matlin and Henry Winkler, Award-Winning Actors and Activists; James Galbraith, Author and Economist; Andrew Sullivan, Journalist and Commentator; Jamaica Kincaid, Author and Professor; Neil LaBute, Writer and Director; and Christopher Buckley, Author and Satirist. Full story.

Hoosiers Release 2009-10 Schedule; Nineteen games set for Assembly Hall
WANE, Aug. 19 -- The Indiana University men's basketball team will open the 2009-10 regular season in Assembly Hall on Friday, November 13 when they face Howard, the first of 17 regular season home basketball games in Bloomington. Indiana will play eight non-conference games at home and nine in the Big Ten as it begins its second season under head coach Tom Crean. All 30 regular season games will air on television, either on the Big Ten Network, the ESPN family of networks, or CBS. Times and television assignments for a select few home non-conference games will be determined soon. The Hoosiers also will play exhibition games versus in-state colleges at home on November 4 against Grace and November 9 against Saint Joseph's. "I certainly believe that this will be a challenging schedule for a team that is as young as ours," said Crean. Full story.

School Takes Aim At 'Sexting'
TheIndyChannel.com, Aug. 19 -- A national survey showed that 22 percent of teen girls and 18 percent of teen boys have sent sexually explicit messages or pictures over a cell phone. "I've just heard about friends getting pictures from other people, and they show them off," said teen Ethan Caffey. "So I really just think it's a way for guys to show other girls, and it just kind of degrades the girl." Kathleen Baldwin, who teaches human sexuality at Indiana University Purdue University-Indianapolis, said that what many teens don't realize is that once the material is out there, there's no way to get it back. "If you send something to somebody, you can never get it back. You don't know what they will do," she said. "It's illegal. It's child pornography, and there have been some cases where kids have been charged with child pornography." Full story.


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