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Active for Life Archive

Help kids eat healthy during the holiday rush

Healthy Eating

The Dec. 13, 2011, Active for Life has a holiday theme, with articles about healthy eating on the go, video game concerns, the potential for family meals to help address adolescent drug and alcohol use, tips for talking to children about sexual assault, holiday indoor air quality issues, and a new book The Sacred Wisdom of the American Indians. Full Story >>

HPER's athletic trainers: Helping area high school students go the distance

Athletic Trainer

The Nov. 10, 2011 Active for Life includes articles about IU's athletic trainers' work with area high schools and The I Love You More Book by Debby Herbenick. Articles also discuss research about developments in brain network mapping, the role strong hips play in running mechanics, a common soil fungus that can lead to eye disease, persistent birth control problems for women, and complications that can occur when DNR orders are prepared by surrogates. Full Story >>

Study: College football players can cry (a little) if they want to

Jesse Steinfeldt

The Oct. 13, 2011 Active for Life included articles about IU research involving football players' show of emotion, campus smoking bans, kids' weight and high blood pressure, mecury exposure in Indianapolis, and promising results concerning cell death following traumatic brain injury. Experts also discuss the importance of annual eye exams after the age of 50. Full Story >>

Ten years after 9/11: No simple 'closure' from death of bin Laden

Reaction to 9/11

The Sept. 8, 2011 Active for Life includes insights about the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, research about the gender wage gap, happiness, infidelity, the alcohol-neighorhood violence connection, and Indiana youth drug use, and information about 'drunkorexia.' Full Story >>

Indoor air quality is nothing to sneeze at


The Aug. 11, 2011 Active for Life includes school-related articles about indoor air quality, training-academic balance among student-athletes, the relationship between vision and sitting too close to TV and computer screens, college students' sexual health, pedestrian safety and mobile devices, and routines that can help kids prepare for and succeed in kindergarten. Full Story >>

Out of this world: Losing weight in cyberspace

Virtual Exercise

The July 14, 2011 Active for Life includes research about weightloss in cyberspace, sexual and relationship happiness in long-term middle-aged couples, playground safety, common drugs that can impair cognitive abilitites, insights into what makes an international athletic powerhouse, and why deaf infants with cochlear implants need to learn to hear. Carol the Coach blogs about facing fears. Full Story >>

Barefoot running: When to ditch the shoes


The June 9, 2011 Active for Life includes articles about the barefoot running craze, fish oil and its effect on mood and alcohol cravings, yoga and stroke rehab, mind-body connection with bipolar disorder, and drug label information overload. Caroline Dowd-Higgins blogs about the 'New Normal' in today's job market. Full Story >>

Time for a game of corn toss

Allison Hendricks

The May 12, 2011 Active for Life included articles about the popular game corn toss, IU experts' perspectives concerning the death of Osama bin Laden, an IT video series geared toward the average 'Joe's' computer needs, concerns about potent alcoholic beverages that appear to be marketed to young drinkers and tips for minimizing risks for skin cancer. Two studies discuss developments that could help eliminate Staph infections and findings that controlling behavior by romantic partners is linked to violence. Full Story >>

Strong core muscles can mean confidence, less pain, more opportunities


The April 14, 2011 Active for Life discussed the importance -- at any age -- of strengthening core muscles. The issue included articles about Hoosiers' poor health, self-massage using a foam roller, a potential treatment for autism and Fragile x, tips for interacting with children who have autism, benefits of treating post-stroke depression, and a commentary written by health policy experts concerning inaccurate and politically motivated claims about Medicaid. Full Story >>

You're in the Army now: IU alum shapes up recruits

Lt. Gen. Hertling

The March 10, 2011 Active for Life discussed an IU alum's efforts to improve the heath and fitness of Army recruits. The issue included a cautionary study concerning self-medicating with tanning beds and insights into over-exercising. It discussed a study into callous-unemotional traits and conduct problems in children and gave information about a new website to help connect people with clinical trials and about the benefits of colonoscopies. 'Carol the Coach' gives advice about "slug syndrome." Full Story >>