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Winners of the 2010 Poynter Center's Prizes in Research Ethics presented their research

Kenney and Lee

Padraic Kenney (left) and Niels Lee

Three Indiana University undergraduates, winners of the 2010 Poynter Center's Prizes in Research Ethics, spoke in the spring about their research involving issues in practical ethics.

Niels Lee, who was a senior in history and religious studies, studied the United States reaction to the abolition of the caliph in 1924 in the Republic of Turkey. His advisor was Padriac Kenney, PhD in the IU Department of History in The College of Arts and Sciences.

Sharayn Menné, who was a senior in religious studies, studied the morality of warfare. A veteran herself, she took a personal and philosophical approach to the subject, studying under Richard Miller, PhD, director of the Poynter Center and professor in religious studies.

Landon Peck, who was a senior in religious studies, studied first person accounts of illness and religious and spiritual experiences people have had while ill. His advisor was Lisa Sideris from the IU Department of Religious Studies.

Sharayn Menne

Sharayn Menne

The program was originally created in 2005-2006 as an undergraduate research stipend, but it was revised to acknowledge the competitive nature of the program and the honor the students receive. Prizes are awarded in a competitive process.

Poynter Center Director Richard Miller noted: "These research prizes aim to stimulate ethical reflection in undergraduate education, reward highly motivated students, and facilitate innovative projects across the disciplines."