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Active for Life Archive

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IU researcher, hospital study potential rehab option following 'mini stroke'

Physical Therapy

The April 8, 2010, Active for Life includes articles about promising rehabilitation for "mini strokes," managing depression and pain, the new "visitability" approach to home design, HPV vaccine for men, a "good divorce," the most frequent error in medicine, and a free screening for oral, neck and head cancers. Full Story >>

Kids call it as they see it on nutrition, physical activity

exercise image

The March 11, 2010 Active for Life includes articles about helping kids learn about good nutrition and physical activity, anti-drinking ads that miss the mark, training tips for marathons and half-marathons, "Green food" guru Michael Pollan, elevator injuries and the elderly, and crash diets. Carol the Coach offers advice on dealing with a job loss. Full Story >>

Tickets to the game -- how, er, romantic?

Williams image

The Feb. 11, 2010, Active for Life has a Valentine's Day theme, offering insights concerning sports-related gifts for women, coping with V-Day hype when single or widowed, differences among men regarding desire and arousal, and dating in the Golden Years. Sexual health expert Debby Herbenick offers suggestions for jump-starting desire. Other items discuss direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical ads v. promotions targeting physicians and the IU Medical School's annual Mini Medical School. Full Story >>

New research: Sticking to diets is about more than willpower


The Jan. 14, 2010, Active for Life discusses new research involving successful dieting, the use of stability balls as office chairs, commonly used medications that can cause cognitive impairments in the elderly, school bullies and parents' influence on their kids when it comes to smoking. The issue also discusses the importance of catching glaucoma early and includes useful insights from Carol the Coach regarding positive thinking. Full Story >>

Dear diary, I ate way too . . .

Food Journal

The Dec. 10, 2009, Active for Life includes articles about using a food journal to eat healthier, giving adults the 'gift of swimming,' and why high school athletes need to baby their bodies with good nutrition, hydration and vaccines for the seasonal and H1N1 flu. Research about gossip at work and the involvement of parents in medical rounds is discussed. Nicole Roales also blogs about her experiences maintaining a food journal. Full Story >>

Make your New Year's resolutions in February, September

resolution illustration

The Nov. 12, 2009, Active for Life includes holiday-themed tips concerning making changes during anxious times, staying active, keeping an eye out for adolescents drinking, and back-to-basics familiar greetings. Researchers discuss a study examining the body's immune system response to dental plaque and how it varies by gender and race. AFL also offers expert tips to help prevent eye injuries at home and information about the 13th annual IU Blood Donor Challenge. Full Story >>

Cancer and failing marriages


The Oct. 8, 2009 Active for Life, includes articles about research involving cancer survival rates and marital status, attitudes about dog ownership, printing practice and brain development in toddlers and the use by rural gay teens of the Internet to help them fit in. Experts offer indoor running tips and advice for dressing professionally for work. Readers also get a glimpse of the revamped Kinsey Confidential Web site. Full Story >>

Every football team has these players

Football Kids

The Sept. 10, 2009 Active for Life includes articles about weight challenges faced by teenage fall sport athletes, public opinion about brides changing their names, the relationship between movement and serious mental illness, adolescent drug use in Indiana, tips to help kids eat well, and the impact of drug ads on stigma surrounding mental illnesses. Carol the Coach helps readers boost self-esteem. Full Story >>

H1N1: The difference between caution and fear

Hand Washing

The Aug. 13, 2009, Active for Life includes back-to-school themed articles about talking with children about Influenza A (H1N1), poor eating habits of college students, talking with incoming freshmen about important sexual health issues, and preparing children with disabilities for their first day of school. Experts discuss using physical activity to age gracefully and new research about how the brain works. Blogger Debby Herbenick writes about the care that should go into saying "No," in an excerpt from her new book, Because it Feels Good. Full Story >>

Are flip flops really that bad for kids?


The July 16, 2009, Active for Life offers tips about sunscreen, bug spray and other aspects of summer kid care. Articles also discuss hair care interfering with exercise, compassion fatigue among heath care providers, new obesity research, cancer and sexuality, and the impact of prenatal exposure to nicotine on children's behavior. Blogger Jennifer Piurek writes about her new relationship with exercise. Full Story >>

Showing items 21 through 30 of 80.
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8