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2006 Little 500 Photo Captions

A Kappa Kappa Gamma bike rests against a checkered wall.

Members of the Roadrunners team stetch before the race.

Bella Veloce team member Mia Williams warms up.

Riders line up before the race.

Kappa Kappa Gamma riders hold tight to each other.

Women's Little 500 riders get the green flag.

Riders pass the grandstand.

Bella Veloce's Mia Williams drops her head to power through the turn.

Spectators line the fence.

Bella Veloce's Mia Williams takes her bike into a turn.

The crowd cheers as Lauren Ziemba (left) and Jess Sapp duel at the finish line. Sapp, of Kappa Kappa Gamma, edged out Ziemba for the win.

Anna Gartner (left), Colleen Groth (center) and Caroline Andrew celebrate after their team won the 2006 women's Little 500 bicyle race.

Kappa Kappa Gamma riders celebrate.

Kappa Kappa Gamma team members Anna Gartner, Colleen Groth, Caroline Andrew and Jess Sapp celebrate their win.

Tina Schuler-Cyrill stands trackside to watch the parade of riders before the men's Little 500 bicycle race.

Participants take a warmup lap.

An iCycle team meber holds up a sample radio frequency identification tag.

Men's Little 500 bicycle race participants pas beneath antennae broadcasting radio signals to tags on their helmets that will help track a team's progress.

An Alpha Tau Omega rider leads the pack.

iCycle project participants look over data.

Riders round turn one.

LiSiHi team members make an exchange.

Riders scurry about as a wreck causes congestion.

The Alpha Tau Omega coach praises his team.

Alpha Tau Omega's Hans Arnesen pedals his team to victory.

Alpha Tau Omega team members take a victory lap.

Six-year-old Elizabeth Patterson (left) gets a hug from her brother Briggs Patterson.

Alpha Tau Omega supporters gather to revel in their team's victory.