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Perspectives on Policy

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IUPUI student exhibit examines material culture of homelessness

Homeless Exhibit

An exhibit produced by IUPUI students about the way homeless people express cultural heritage leads off this issue of Perspectives on Policy. Also included: articles on Standard & Poor's downgrading of U.S. debt, a study that finds 9.3 million Americans lost health insurance coverage in the recent recession, a report on career prospects for graduates of public colleges and universities in Indiana, a study of out-of-pocket health care costs for people with chronic illnesses, research tying corruption standards to tax evasion and an evaluation of what colleges disclose about their efforts to assess student learning. † Full Story >>

IU Business Outlook Panel: Economy will improve but 'not enough to make much of a dent'

A report on the Kelley School Business Outlook Panel's forecast for Indiana economy in 2012 leads off this month's IU Perspectives on Policy. Also featured: a lecture by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, an IU Northwest alumna's campaign to raise awareness of anthropologists, a report by IU professors on how to "grow philanthropy," a policy brief on Indiana's new teacher evaluation law, and a preview of a 20th anniversary symposium on the Nunn-Lugar Threat Reduction Program. † Full Story >>

IU Southeast explores issues of social justice in 2011-12 Common Experience

Common Experience

This issue of Perspectives on Policy opens with an article on the 2011-12 Common Experience program at IU Southeast. Also featured are research on the costs and benefits of healthcare reform, a report on job prospects for former auto workers, a history of the School of Social Work, a grant to study the impact of climate change on snowmelt irrigation, an agreement between IU and the Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center, and an examination of human rights violations in Libya. † Full Story >>

9/11 commissioners to discuss lessons learned this week at IU Auditorium

Lee Hamilton

The 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is highlighted in this issue of Perspectives on Policy: It includes an article on this Thursday's discussion at IU Bloomington by members of the 9/11 Commission and an essay on why the death of Osama bin Laden likely didn't bring complete "closure" to survivors and victims' family members. Also featured: articles on ideas for revitalizing Gary, perceptions of the No Child Left Behind education law, a policy brief on Indiana's new school voucher law, a new service program for SPEA graduate students and a survey of green jobs in Indiana. † Full Story >>

IU Public Policy Institute examines income gap between Indiana, U.S.


This issue of Perspectives on Policy reports on an IU policy brief explaining the per capita income gap between Indiana and the nation. Also featured are an essay by two faculty members on current education reform efforts and articles about the return of the journal Public Administration Review to IU, a regional mayors' conference at IU Kokomo, research on global water sustainability, a grant for IU regional campuses from Complete College America, and new Census data for Indiana. † Full Story >>

SPEA policy brief examines health-care reform law


This issue of Perspectives on Policy features an IU expert's policy brief on pros and cons of the federal health-care law. It also includes articles about a new Center for Urban Health at IUPUI, an IU South Bend civil-rights history class and tour, a study on the value of higher education for Indiana, a report on the impact of new IRS rules on small nonprofit organizations, language training for international doctors who will practice in the U.S., and a report on commuting and fatigue for airline pilots. † Full Story >>

Effective leadership produces organizational success, study finds


This issue of Perspectives on Policy features an article about research on the importance of effective leadership in civic associations: specifically, Sierra Club groups. Also included are an initiative to protect Indiana communities from flood damage, a study of the appeal of violence in children's television, an IU Northwest project that involves citizens in studying pollution, a report on state-level energy policies, U.N. designation for a law school human-rights program, and a study of the impact of property-owner decisions on urban forests. † Full Story >>

IUPUI establishes Office of Sustainability, to hire full-time director

IUPUI Sustainability

The May 2011 issue of Perspectives on Policy highlights the creation of an Office of Sustainability at IUPUI. It also includes articles on a report on the future of the auto manufacturing industry, IU's annual Electronic Waste Collection Days, an ambitious project to explore policy choices for Indiana, a campus lecture by education historian Diane Ravitch, a conference on youth with disabilities and the juvenile justice system, and a law professor's book on the use and abuse of habeas corpus. † Full Story >>

Exonerated former death-row inmate to speak at IU Bloomington, IUPUI


This issue of Perspectives on Policy includes an interview with Randy Steidl, an exonerated former death-row inmate who will speak this week at IU Bloomington and IUPUI. It also features articles on a study of the effects of trading air-pollution allowances, a conference on global antisemitism, an IU student's work on updating state environmental law, a conference on same-sex marriage and the law, a book by IU Northwest and IU Kokomo professors on Brazilian labor issues, and the Indiana Geological Survey's participation in a U.S.-China collaboration on clean energy. † Full Story >>

IU economistís study: NFL Rooney Rule hasnít led to hiring of minority coaches


The March 2011 issue of Perspectives on Policy features an IU economist's study of whether there is racial discrimination in hiring in professional football. Also included are stories about the need for realistic expectations for genomics research, an IU graduate's film about immigration, a Spanish Resource Center at IUPUI, the link between military and community service, a briefing on China's global business strategies and a workshop on sustainable business practices at IU South Bend. † Full Story >>

Showing items 1 through 47 of 47.
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