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Perspectives on Policy

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Chief Justice Roberts: American justice system evolves, but deliberatively

Roberts photo

This issue of Perspectives on Policy reports on a talk by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. at the IU School of Law-Indianapolis. Also featured: SPEA Dean John Graham's new book on the Bush presidency, a lecture in diplomacy at IU Bloomington, a mathematical model for evaluating sex-offender laws, a study of support for suicide bombing in Muslim countries, a talk at IU Southeast by two high-profile political consultants, and an HIV/AIDS conference marking the 20-year anniversary of the death of Ryan White. Full Story >>

In Peace Corps, IU alums say they gain more than they give

John Kennedy

IU Bloomington is back on the list of top Peace Corps feeder schools, and one volunteer tells about his experience in this issue of Perspectives on Policy. Also featured are stories on a study of credit scores and home purchases, a Kelley School program that helps small businesses in Peru, a report on cell phone use while driving, research on students' "carbon footprint," and examination of links between alcohol sales and violent crime, and a conference on the trial of Slobodan Milosevic. Full Story >>

HHE volunteers turn out in force to support IU at the Statehouse

HHE photo

A report on the 19th annual Hoosiers for Higher Education Statehouse Visit leads off this issue of Perspectives on Policy. Also featured are an interview with an IU graduate student who was a delegate to the Copenhagen climate talks and stories on IU campus responses to the Haiti earthquake, the "excellence gap" for high-ability students, an upcoming lecture by Nobel laureate Elinor Ostrom, a documentary on white adoption of hip-hop culture, a new IU research institute on antisemitism and a new car-sharing program at IU Bloomington. Full Story >>

SPEA study shows links between land use and violent crime rates

Urban Crime

This month's IU Perspectives on Policy features a story on a study by IUPUI professor that plots connections between land use and violent crime rates. It also include stories on an IU program that provides language and cultural training for soldiers bound for Afghanistan, an invitation to Nepal for IU Nobel Prize laureate Elinor Ostrom, a national survey of law students, Indiana's stagnant population growth and an expert's comments on recent airline security efforts. Full Story >>

IU celebrates Elinor Ostrom, 2009 Nobel laureate in economic sciences

Ostrom Send-off

The Dec. 8, 2009, issue of Perspectives on Policy features a story on IU's send-off for Nobel Prize laureate Elinor Ostrom and links for following her week in Stockholm. It also includes stories about the greening of the Indiana Memorial Union, a conference on health reform and antitrust law, recommendations from an IU Bloomington traffic safety task force, an IU-based national survey of college student engagement, a student-run "carbon footprint" survey at IU Northwest, and details on the new IUPUI professional credential in homeland security and emergency management. Full Story >>

Carbon capture and storage: Indiana could lead in developing green technology

Coal image

This issue of Perspectives on Policy reports on IU's involvement in developing technology and policy for carbon capture and storage, the annual Kelley School of Business economic forecast, a panel discussion by experts on nuclear weapons, a talk by the National Rifle Association president, a benchmark study of the Richmond, Ind., area, and the economic impact of the IU School of Medicine and teaching hospitals. Full Story >>

Elinor Ostrom, Indiana University faculty member, wins Nobel Prize for Economics

Elinor Ostrom

This issue of Perspectives on Policy reports on the awarding of the 2009 Nobel Prize for Economics to IU Bloomington professor Elinor Ostrom. It also includes stories on IU Kokomo professor and dean Robert Dibie's thoughts on the theme of 10 years of democracy in Nigeria, a student counter-terrorism simulation in Indianapolis, a study of increased differences between U.S. political parties, former U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton's ideas on strengthening Congress and a law professor's Senate testimony on the future of Burma. Full Story >>

Student sustainability interns make the campus and community their research lab

Marie Buckingham and Zach Brown

This issue of Perspectives on Policy features a story on student interns who carried out sustainability projects this summer at IU Bloomington. It also includes profiles of two politically active professors and stories about American beliefs about health care reform legislation, NEH-funded teacher institutes at IU, and two well-known figures who will be visiting IU campuses. Full Story >>

IU conference sets stage for developing energy research agenda

IU Energy Conference

This Perspectives on Policy features a report on an IU conference aimed at developing an energy research agenda. It also includes stories on concerns about human health effects of DDT, a service learning project in Thailand, an IU policy brief on health reform, a political scientist's framework for better understanding social-ecological systems, a survey of educators on virtual learning programs, and a student assessment of sustainability at a local microbrewery. Full Story >>

SPEA grad student spans globe, leads in electronic waste recycling

Knudsen award

An IU graduate student who helped her employer win a prestigious global environmental award is profiled in this issue of Perspectives on Policy. The newsletter also features stories about IU's involvement with "green leadership" training in China, the economic impact of IU Kokomo, a new book about an IU-Kenya partnership, a count of homeless people in Indianapolis, the benefits of whistle-blowing, and comments by a range of IU experts on health reform. Full Story >>

Showing items 21 through 47 of 47.
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